Our clients are technology companies and investors who see value in the knowledge and experience we bring to their ability to succesfully compete in the complex world of healthcare. 

We seek out meaningful engagements with technology companies in all stages of their healthcare market life cycles.  We are adept at assisting early stage companies with their business planning, fund raising, and go-to-market strategies.  We are equally adept at assisting later stage companies with thier business development, strategic partnering and sales performance initiatives. We provide assistance to the investor community with their due diligence, deal flow, and portfolio development.  Perhaps most importantly, we are a resource to individual contributors committed to their own personal development and attainment of the highest levels of professional selling possible. 

“As a telehealth software company entering its growth phase, we face a dynamic set of tactical and strategic challenges. Brian has provided very understandable, logical, and valuable input. He has a very thorough approach, delivered in a measured manner, which makes the information he provides very actionable and usable."

"We are a 4 billion dollar global distributor of Cisco technologies.  We view Brian as a vital resource to leading and guiding us to success in the very unique world of healthcare and technology.  He posesses exceptional leadership qualities, he is an expert sales and market strategist, and is an outstanding communicator."


"Business betterment through betterment in salesmanship."
Mission Statement
Detroit Sales Club
Circa 1915

Sales Process

"Although companies know they need a message that stands out in the marketplace, 62% of executives rate thier company's message as average to poor, and only 38% say their company has a differentiated story."
Corporate Visions
Survey of World Class Sales Organizations


"Selling is now about demonstrating the value of the product to process improvement...70% of the current IT sales force will not be able to make the transition".

Tiffani Bova

VP Channel Sales Strategies

Gartner Group, 2012


“The visible hand of management's innovation could not have succeeded without the visible handshake of a team of professional salesmen in the field.”
Birth of a Salesman
Walter Friedman
Copyright 2004


“If given the choice between an outstanding product and an average sales team , or an outstanding sales team and an average product, there is no doubt but that I would choose to have an outstanding sales team every time.”
Thomas J. Watson Sr.