“As a telehealth software company entering its growth phase, we are consistently faced with a dynamic set of tactical and strategic challenges such as progressing and closing key deals, determining which partnerships would be most advantageous, and analyzing scalability risk within our organization. In all of these areas, Brian has provided very understandable, logical, and valuable input. He has a very thorough approach, delivered in a measured manner, which makes the information he provides very actionable and usable. We look forward to working with his firm well into the future.”

Jonathan Epstein, Chief Operating Officer, TxXchange

"Westcon/Comstor is a 4 billion dollar global distributor of Cisco technologies.  Our customers are value added resellers of Cisco products and other advanced technologies and services.  We differentiate ourselves as a distributor by offering our customers value added programs and services that enable them to be more successful.

Healthcare is one of the largest and most important vertical industries that we and our customers sell to, and we have determined that we require the assistance of experienced resources to provide us with the guidance that we and our customers need to be successful.  We have therefore engaged the Brian Higgins Group in the US for Healthcare Industry thought leadership and program direction.

Brian has an impressive resume of leading technology companies to succesful positions in the healthcare sector.  In the short time that he has been engaged with us, he has demonstrated himself to be knowledgeable, thorough and extremely effective.  He interacts extremely well with our team as well as the teams of our technology partner (Cisco) and our customers.  He posesses exceptional leadership qualities, he is an expert sales and market strategist, and is an outstanding communicator.  We view Brian as a vital resource to leading and guiding our customers and us to success in the very unique world of healthcare and technology."

David McNicholas, National Director Strategic Business Development, Westcon Group/Comstor

"Brian Higgins is a difference maker. While that could easily be inferred from his track record of success in senior leadership positions in sales, strategy, and business development, what may not be obvious is the manner in which Brian brings about results. I have been able to see first hand Brian's unique ability to combine a mastery of healthcare IT and strategic sales with a true gift for effective communication. We all know filling a room with smart people is by itself not enough to solve complex problems. Brian Higgins can make a difference and help any organization achieve their goals by solving the right problem in the right way.”

David Denton, Senior Director, Product Portfolio Analytics, McKesson

"Brian is a charismatic and intelligent leader who people naturally gravitate towards. His experience and knowledge in the HIS world is extensive and his understanding of the industry is encyclopedic in nature. His ability to make a positive impact is not limited by the size of the company, the technologies being sold, or the markets being sold into. I have watched him excel as a top-notch contributor in multiple roles at multiple organizations."

Ken Kaufman, President, PureWellness

"Brian is affable, articulate, thoughtful and persuasive. He excels at analyzing markets, developing sales strategies, and motivating sales people. As a business development executive Brian has evaluated a wide array of businesses and has the unique ability to identify the essence of what makes companies truly successful. He is accomplished at helping organizations identify their distinctive competence and translating those strengths into competitive advantages in the market. Brian has the experience and skills necessary to help organizations create go-to-market strategies for emerging products, and his methodical approach to business development helps organizations build enduring customer relationships. He truly is one of the very best I have ever had the pleasure and honor of working with."

Craig Lund, Vice President of Sales, HealthMEDX

“Brian's dedication to high performance sales strategy and professional sales education is unprecedented.  Brian is focused on constant salesmanship improvement, by sharing industry knowledge, sales process improvements and always looking back at the basics to ensure they are not forgotten.  Brian's successful experience as a sales professional gives him the ability to look at any given sales situation, ask questions and make suggestions that will improve the sales outcome.  Brian is exceptional at assessing a market then building a short and long term strategy to attack the market.  Additionally, Brian's warm demeanor makes him very approachable which makes digging into any issue a comfortable experience for any sales person."

Pat Gilmore, VP Sales, Accountable Care Group, Oracle



"Business betterment through betterment in salesmanship."
Mission Statement
Detroit Sales Club
Circa 1915

Sales Process

"Although companies know they need a message that stands out in the marketplace, 62% of executives rate thier company's message as average to poor, and only 38% say their company has a differentiated story."
Corporate Visions
Survey of World Class Sales Organizations


"Selling is now about demonstrating the value of the product to process improvement...70% of the current IT sales force will not be able to make the transition".

Tiffani Bova

VP Channel Sales Strategies

Gartner Group, 2012


“The visible hand of management's innovation could not have succeeded without the visible handshake of a team of professional salesmen in the field.”
Birth of a Salesman
Walter Friedman
Copyright 2004


“If given the choice between an outstanding product and an average sales team , or an outstanding sales team and an average product, there is no doubt but that I would choose to have an outstanding sales team every time.”
Thomas J. Watson Sr.