We rely on a thorough understanding of how technology solutions align with the clinical and financial imperatives of the healthcare system, the measure of their value, and the ways and means by which they can be successfully brought to market.
We rely on a deep and diverse set of background and experience in working with companies and investors in all aspects of building and growing businesses on the backs of technology solutions for the healthcare industry.
We are guided in everything we do by a customer-specific, assessment-driven process. One that avoids the mistakes of the past, responds to the conditions of the present, and produces measurable results well into the future.
We are passionate about the importance of business development and sales performance in determining the success of technology companies in the healthcare sector and the difference our knowledge and experience can make in our clients' ability to be successful.
Our success is your success. We've had a good share of ours in the healthcare technology sector by relying heavily on our knowledge, experience, process and passion. We're committed to leveraging this into our clients' success in a measurable and meaningful way.


The Brian Higgins Group is a business development and sales performance consultancy focused exclusively on information technology companies in the healthcare space, and the investors who fund them.

We understand the complexities of information technology products, and the difficulties of navigating a highly fragmented healthcare market that is filled with competition for a scarce capital spend.  We leverage a diverse background of knowledge and experience in order to assist our clients in building their businesses with investment capital, strategic partnerships and high performance sales organizations.  We position ourselves as an extension of our clients' management team, and we stay engaged for as long as we can be helpful to the growth and success of our clients' business.

Business Development        Sales Performance         Investor Collaboration


"Business betterment through betterment in salesmanship."
Mission Statement
Detroit Sales Club
Circa 1915

Sales Process

"Although companies know they need a message that stands out in the marketplace, 62% of executives rate thier company's message as average to poor, and only 38% say their company has a differentiated story."
Corporate Visions
Survey of World Class Sales Organizations


"Selling is now about demonstrating the value of the product to process improvement...70% of the current IT sales force will not be able to make the transition".

Tiffani Bova

VP Channel Sales Strategies

Gartner Group, 2012


“The visible hand of management's innovation could not have succeeded without the visible handshake of a team of professional salesmen in the field.”
Birth of a Salesman
Walter Friedman
Copyright 2004


“If given the choice between an outstanding product and an average sales team , or an outstanding sales team and an average product, there is no doubt but that I would choose to have an outstanding sales team every time.”
Thomas J. Watson Sr.